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Dyson Purifier Cool: a powerful air purifier

According to Dyson, it's the only air purifying fan that can properly clean an entire room, capturing ultra-fine particles (as small as 0.1 micron), allergens and bacteria. Capable of covering a room of up to 80 square metres, this connected air purifier delivers clean air to every corner of the house with its dual function as a fan and air purifier.

Our review of the Dyson Purifier Cool

Air filtration




The design of the Dyson Purifier Cool air purifier makes it ideal for people who have trouble sleeping because of respiratory problems or allergies. It's also a great choice for smokers or people living in highly polluted areas with poor air quality (such as cities).

Dyson Purifier Cool improves air quality, and for some, quality of life. It's a great investment for people who need a reliable, high-quality air purification system to enjoy clean air.

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How does the Dyson Purifier Cool work?

The device is equipped with sensors that allow it to adapt to the pollutants detected in the air. Information is displayed on both the LCD screen and the Dyson Link app (compatible with Android and iPhone iOS). In addition to air purification, the device uses Dyson's signature bladeless technology and a 350 degree oscillation for cooling.

An efficient filtration system

This air purifier uses two air filtration systems (combined) to remove gases, odours and airborne particles. The HEPA filter is designed to capture up to 99.95 % of pollutants, including those as small as 0.1 micron. This same filter is combined with a layer of activated carbon to neutralise odours, gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

We found the Dyson Purifier Cool to be particularly effective in improving indoor air quality. The purifier was tested in a room with slightly unhealthy air quality. After 10 minutes of operation at speed 6/10, the meter indicated that the air in the room was clean again. We have carried out several tests and in our opinion, this device is more effective in small enclosed spaces, such as bedrooms, although it performs very well in large rooms such as the living room.

The Dyson also performed well in terms of odour neutralisation and left our space feeling fresh. For our tests, we had a friend bring in his dog after bathing him and when the unit was tasked with neutralising the dander and wet dog smell, the Dyson lived up to our expectations.

Powerful and quiet ventilation

DysonHow our engineers test the Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying fan

Although there are 10 possible ventilation modes, we preferred the night mode. This mode is almost silent (50 dB) - a desirable attribute for light sleepers. Once activated, the device dims the LCD screen, which is useful for people who can only fall asleep in a dark room.

We feel that this air purifier is more effective than our fan in cooling the air in the room. This one is also very attractive, and we had no qualms about displaying it prominently in the house.

A device compatible with the Dyson Link app (and Alexa...)

The Dyson Purifier Cool air purifier is compatible with the Dyson Link app, which is proving to be useful and functional to a surprising degree. Users can monitor air quality with real-time reports on air pollutants including PM 2.5, PM 10, VOCs and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). We found the overall user experience to be smooth and easy to learn, and it offers more information than expected.

In addition to air quality and pollution levels, we were able to observe fluctuations in room temperature and humidity. This information is very useful for people with respiratory problems such as asthma or allergies.

The advantages and disadvantages

The Dyson Link app also provides information about the unit and its activity. As well as tracking the life of the air filter, it alerts the user when it's time to replace it. Finally, the app is Alexa-enabled, so you can control the purifier by voice using voice commands.

Overall, we think the Dyson Purifier Cool lives up to its reputation for purifying an entire space with modern, intuitive technology. The result is that the air quality in our home has improved and leaves us with a fresh, neutral smell.

Our experience with Wi-Fi connectivity and the Dyson Link app has been positive. The app is easy to use and provides more information than we expected.

We were also surprised that there are 10 speed options, whether for cooling, air purification or both combined. Finally, the night mode is a real favourite for us, as it is particularly accommodating for light sleepers.