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Medify MA-25: an air purifier with undeniable qualities

The Medify MA-25 is the perfect air purifier for medium-sized rooms. Featuring dual air filtration and a compact, easy-to-move size, this unit is perfect for flats, residential rooms and offices. Its sleek, modern design makes it an air purifier that fits almost anywhere.

Our opinion on the Medify MA-25

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Medify Air is a trusted brand of quality and reliability. This is reflected in the Medify MA-25, which features a three-stage dual filtration system with H13 HEPA filters capable of trapping particles as small as 0.1 microns.

The device is powerful, light and compact, making it particularly suitable for your bedroom or baby's room. Simply place the device on the bedside table and adjust the fan speed according to the level of pollution detected by the Medify MA-25.

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How does the Medify MA-25 work?

Most people are familiar with the bottom-up airflow concept that characterises most air cleaners. Here, Medify decided to change the design and adopt a new concept. The purifier has two side air intakes with one outlet at the front. Thus, unfiltered air comes from the side intakes. It then passes through the filtration system where the pollutants are trapped before the clean air is released through the front air outlet. Although this concept is unique, it requires more ventilation power.

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Powerful and quiet ventilation

As the air purifier is equipped with a double air inlet providing a larger surface area for air filtration. It has a CADR of 250 cubic metres per hour. As such, it can clean up to 300 m² in one hour, which is equivalent to recycling the air in a 30 m² room 10 times per hour.

There are three settings for the fan speeds. At the lowest speed, the noise level reaches 35 dB. This level is slightly higher than that of soft music (30 dB), but lower than the average noise in a house (40 dB). This level will allow you to clean the air in your room at night without the device disturbing your sleep.

At maximum ventilation speed, the sound level of the purifier reaches 52 dB. This is higher than the average noise level in a house, but lower than the noise level of a normal conversation or background music (60 dB).

A powerful filtration system

Medify MA-25 True H13 HEPA Air Purifier | Coverage 46 square meters | Allergens, Smoke, Dust, Odors, Pollen, Pet dander | Removal of 99.9 % of 0.1 micron | White, 1 Unit

Gaseous pollutants and PM are the most common particles that pollute indoor air. PM particles include microscopic solids and liquid droplets. To trap and remove these particles from the air, you will need an air purifier with a powerful filtration system.

The Medify MA-25 is the ideal air purifier if you want to control fine particles (PM). It has a double side air inlet and each of these inlets has its own three-stage filtration system.

  • The first step in the filtration system is the pre-filter. It removes large particles such as fibres, hair, lint and even pet dander.
  • After the pre-filter is the True HEPA H13 filter. This is a medical grade filter with advanced cleaning power. The H11-H12 HEPA filter can trap pollutants as small as 0.3 microns in size between 85 % and 99 %. These include pollen, mould, dust, dust mites and ordinary smoke. The True HEPA H13 filter in the Medify MA-25 air purifier traps more pollutants than ordinary HEPA filters.
  • The final stage of the filtration system is an activated carbon filter. Composed of carbon granules, it effectively absorbs and removes toxic odours, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and smoke.

Finally, the filters have a life of 2500 hours, which means a life of about 6 months. The filter replacement indicator will turn red when you need to replace them.

Ergonomics of the Medify MA-25

The Medify MA-25 air purifier is a lightweight and compact unit weighing 3.3 kg. It has recessed handles for easy transport from room to room. Although the unit does not have a raised base or castor wheels, it is perfect as a tabletop or floor model. What we liked about this purifier is how little space it takes up.

At the top of the product, where the air outlet is usually present in most purifiers, you have the control panel. Covered in tempered glass, it allows easy access to the controls. It should be noted that tempered glass is scratch resistant, unlike plastic.

Available in white, black and silver, it is made of impact-resistant plastic and can withstand the corrosive action of chemicals. This makes the air purifier perfect for the kitchen and office.