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Philips AC2887/10: an air purifier that adapts to pollution

The Philips AC2887/10 is an air purifier with AeraSense technology. Invented by Philips, this technology continuously monitors air pollution and adjusts dynamically according to its importance. Capable of covering an area of 79 m², this air purifier is perfect for a medium-sized room, be it your office, living room or bedroom.

Our opinion on the Philips AC2887/10

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The Philips AC2887/10 is an affordable air purification device. Thanks to its compact and elegant design, it can be installed in any type of interior to improve the quality of domestic air. Its main advantage is its ability to combat all sources of pollution, whether physical, chemical or biological.

Excellent value for money, powerful and affordable, this device is perfect for your bedroom thanks to its silent operation and the possibility to adjust the light. Its many advantages also make it an ideal product to fight against allergies.

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How does the Philips AC2887/10 work?

The Philips AC2887/10 is certified by AHAM, ECARF and Airmid. This device purifies the air up to 79 m² with a renewal rate of up to 333 m³ per hour. It is one of the most efficient air purifiers, especially due to its power and various technologies.

One of its special features is the choice of its operating mode: the user can choose between "general", "allergen" and "bacteria and virus". This feature is unique to Philips air purifiers as it defines a different operating mode depending on the contaminant being combated.

Finally, there is a colour display of the level of PM 2.5 detected in the ambient air, namely :

  • Blue for clean air,
  • Pink for low air pollution,
  • Purple for higher air pollution,
  • Red for extreme air pollution.
PHILIPS | Air Purifier AC2887

An efficient filtration system

The Philips AC2887/10 features VitaShield IPS technology. Designed by Philips, This air filtration system has four filters:

  • A pre-filter which is responsible for capturing larger particles, such as animal hair or dust.
  • A multi-care filter for capturing ultra-fine particles such as allergens, viruses and bacteria.
  • A HEPA filter which complements the multi-seal filter so that even 20 nanometer contaminants are captured with an efficiency of 99.97 %
  • An active carbon filter which tackles unpleasant odours and noxious gases such as smoke, toluene, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), etc.

About filter maintenance: The machine has an indicator that warns you when its filter needs to be changed. According to the instructions, it is recommended to change the filter every two years.

Powerful ventilation

The Philips AC2887/10 purifier is powerful enough to handle large volumes of air. Capable of purifying 333 m³/hour (CADR), this covers an area of approximately 79 m². and its 5 speeds (including turbo mode) allow the user to choose the air treatment speed according to the surrounding pollution. However, this power is not without constraints: you will have to tolerate a noise of 65 dB when the turbo mode is activated.

Air purification à la carte

Philips Air Purifier AC2889/10

One of the special features of the AC2887/10 is the possibility to choose the air treatment mode. Each of the modes allows you to focus effectively on a specific type of air pollution:

  • The general mode It targets airborne pollutants such as PM 2.5
  • Allergen mode It removes common allergens such as dust mites (and their droppings), pollen, pet dander, and other contaminants. The removal of dust mites and pollen is the most effective, with a 99.99 %.
  • Bacteria and viruses mode This extremely powerful mode targets biological contaminants and removes up to 99.9 % in 30 minutes of operation. This model has been tested and found to be effective against the H1N1 virus.

A discreet and silent device

To enhance the comfort of its users, Philips has integrated light control into its device as well as a silent mode. The air quality indicator (AQI) ring and display light can be dimmed or turned off completely so that you can place the air purifier in your room at night and not be disturbed.

In addition, the purifier's standby mode significantly reduces the fan speed and therefore the noise level, so that the appliance purifies the air in silent mode. The Philips AC2887/10 emits only 35 dB at this power level, compared to 62 dB in Turbo mode. Finally, the presence of a timer is a very practical addition for those who do not want to run the appliance continuously.

Ergonomics of the Philips AC2887/10

The Philips AC2887/10 air purifier is a product made of solid plastic. It has a nice finish and can be easily moved thanks to its handle and average weight of 7.7 kg.

The presence of a light indicator adds a modern and practical touch to the device that we particularly appreciate. The Philips AC blends in naturally with any décor.

The advantages and disadvantages

Whether in terms of efficiency or power, this air purifier is particularly effective in neutralizing air pollution. We appreciated being able to choose the air purification mode according to the type of domestic pollution. This option is not available with other competitors, but we found it very interesting. Our only regret is the absence of a mobile application: we would have liked to be able to control the device remotely.