Man in orange overalls and white gloves wearing a half mask for respiratory protection

How do I clean a respirator mask?

The maintenance of your respirator is essential to ensure that it is hygienically clean when in use. Relatively simple, it removes contaminants from its surface, improves its longevity and provides optimum protection for your respiratory system.

How do you clean your mask?

The cleaning of respiratory protection masks (half or full masks) is a simple operation that requires little time. If you wish to clean your mask, you can :

  • Use cleaning wipes with a non-aggressive detergent solution.
  • Or immerse the facepiece in a warm cleaning solution (water + soap) and clean it gently so as not to damage the sensitive parts, i.e. the sealing skirt, the visor, the exhalation valve and the acoustic membrane.

The method of cleaning depends on how dirty the respirator is and what substances and particles you have been exposed to. For a quick cleaning, the use of wipes is usually sufficient, although it does not guarantee a complete disinfection of the mask. A complete cleaning is more complex, but if done correctly, it will ensure that your respirator is perfectly hygienic.

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  • Remove all filters attached to the mask.
  • Wipe the mask with a cleaning wipe (do not use harsh detergent solutions) or immerse it in a warm cleaning solution (soap and water) and scrub gently with a soft brush. Be sure to clean narrow areas where dust and dirt can accumulate.
  • Disinfect the mask by spraying or soaking it in disinfectant.
  • Rinse with warm water and dry with a paper towel or let it air dry in a clean environment away from contaminants.
  • Keep the facepiece in an airtight container or bag to prevent it from accumulating dust or other contaminants on its surface.

As respirator filters and cartridges cannot be cleaned, if your filters can be reused, make sure they are stored outside the bag your mask is in.

How often should you clean your breathing mask?

Your respirator should be cleaned after each use. This not only extends the life of your mask, but also removes any contaminants that may be present from your work.