Woman enjoying the warmth of a wood stove

How do you distribute the heat from a wood stove?

There are several ways to spread the warmth of a wood stove. You can either open all the doors and windows in the house so that the warm air circulates freely, or close them to warm the main room more slowly, but without losing calories. Finally, for those in a hurry, you can use a fan to distribute the heat evenly around your home.

Choosing the right location

The heat from a wood stove can be distributed in different ways. The most common way is to place the wood stove against an exterior wall of the house. This method allows the heat from the stove to be transferred to the outside wall, thus reducing heat loss as the heat is partially absorbed by the wall.

Another solution is to place the wood stove in the centre of the room. In this way, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the area.

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Pay attention to the size (of the room)

To distribute the heat from a wood stove in a room, the size of the room and the wood stove must be taken into account. The larger the room, the more power is needed to heat the entire room. This also applies to heating a room that is quite far from the stove.

To avoid this problem, you should therefore choose a good-sized or high-powered wood stove.

A question of the stove

There are several types of wood burning stoves and not all are equal in terms of use. For example, a ceramic wood stove or cast iron can be used to distribute heat evenly throughout a room.

However, a stainless steel wood stove will not be as effective in radiating heat evenly.