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How to make environmentally friendly firelighters?

Chemical fire starters are a popular option for igniting wood stoves, but they can be harmful to the environment. Fortunately, there is an environmentally friendly alternative that is easy to make yourself.

A quick and easy alternative

Eco-friendly fire starters are easy to make, inexpensive and do not produce smoke or environmentally harmful gases. If, like us, you are concerned about the quality of the air you breathe, then you should be interested in this quick and easy method:

First of all, you will need some materials:

  • an aluminium container (an old can will do);
  • a piece of cardboard;
  • a pair of scissors ;
  • a lighter ;
  • a little vegetable oil.
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Once you have everything you need, follow these steps:

  • Cut the cardboard into small shreds. You should get about 20 small pieces;
  • put them in the aluminium container;
  • add a little vegetable oil on top. You don't need to put a lot, just enough so that the cardboard is well impregnated;
  • Once the cardboard has been well impregnated with oil, place the aluminium container in a pan of boiling water;
  • Leave to cook in a bain-marie for about 6 minutes;
  • then let the cardboard dry for at least 2 hours in the open air;
  • You can store your firelighters in a plastic bag to keep them dry, or in the aluminium container you used to make them.

What are the advantages of an ecological fire starter?

An ecological fire starter is a natural product that you can make yourself from recycled materials. It is easy to make and inexpensive. It is also safer for the environment and your health than chemical fire starters.

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And the disadvantages?

Ecological woodstove lighters are a cleaner, greener alternative to chemical firelighters. They are made from natural materials that are more environmentally friendly. However, they do have some shortcomings.

The main disadvantage of fire-lighters is that they take longer to light the fire. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for a fire to start with an eco-friendly fire starter, compared to 5 to 10 minutes with a chemical fire starter. In addition, fire starters are not as strong as chemical fire starters, which means that they cannot ignite the fire as quickly or as easily.

Another disadvantage is that they are more expensive than chemical firelighters. On average, an ecological firelighter costs between 2 and 5 euros, compared to about 1 euro for a chemical firelighter.

Finally, if you don't have the time to make your own eco-friendly fire starter and prefer to buy it in the shops, we suggest that you pay attention to the list of products the component. The presence of benzene and sulphur is not recommended, as it presents risks of intoxication and suffocation for people in the vicinity of the fireplace.

However, despite all these drawbacks, if you are looking for a cleaner, greener option, we believe that eco-friendly fire starters are still a good alternative to chemical ones. However, if you prefer to buy a product

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