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How to make your own kindling?

Winter is fast approaching and with it, the cold and the long nights. To be prepared, it is important to have kindling in stock. But rather than buying ready-made kindling, why not make it yourself? It's cheaper and you have complete control over the quality and provenance of the wood.

Can we use timber?

Want to make your own kindling, but don't know if you can get that old pallet sitting in the corner of your garage? To help you sort it out, here's the difference between firewood and construction wood:

  • Firewood is a type of wood that can easily be found in forests. Most of the time it is too wet to be used as kindling. If you want to use it to start a fire, you will have to dry it first, either by placing it in the sun for a few days or by putting it in a warm, dry place.
  • Timber is another type of wood that is readily available. It is usually drier than firewood, which makes it easier to light. The only problem is that it is often treated with chemicals. To avoid inhaling toxic fumes, first make sure that it has not been treated with chemicals.

How do you prepare the wood for making kindling?

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To make your own kindling, you must first prepare the wood by cutting it into small pieces, about five centimetres long. Then remove any dirt and dust from the wood. Finally, dry it so that it can be used to make kindling.

How to make kindling?

Kindling is a natural product made from softwood and sap. It is easy to make and can be used to start a fire. Here are some tips for making your own kindling.

First of all, you will need softwoods such as pine or cedar. These trees produce a resin that is easy to light and burns for a long time. You can cut them into small pieces and place them in a bucket or plastic bag. Let them dry in the sun for a few days.

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Once the pieces of wood are dry, you can collect them in a pile and cover them with sap. Sap is a natural product that helps the wood to burn more slowly. You can collect it by scraping the bark off a tree with a knife or by tapping the trunk of a tree with a hammer. Let the sap drain into a bucket or plastic bag.

Once you have collected enough sap, you can start making your kindling. Take a piece of wood and wrap it in sap. Then wrap the wood in newspaper. Do the same with all the other pieces of wood. Once all the pieces of wood are wrapped, place them in a bucket or plastic bag and let them air dry.

Once the kindling is dry, you can use it to start a fire. Simply place a few pieces of wood in a lit fire and let them burn. Kindling is a natural product that will allow you to enjoy a fire or a hot meal without having to worry about harmful chemicals.