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Are you curious or do you want answers to your questions? In our blog, we inform you about everything related to pollution and indoor air quality.

Whether you want to protect yourself from pollution at home or at work, treat the air you breathe or improve your comfort: chances are you will find the solution to your problems in our articles.

In addition, we also write to raise awareness about the ecological transition and air quality. We are passionate about the quality of the air we breathe, and we also write about current issues related to breathing air, weather and climate.

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Getting informed

Getting informed about climate and air quality

Air pollution is one of the top five contributors to respiratory and cardiac lethality worldwide. According to the State of Global Air 2018 report, it has led to 6.1 million premature deaths, making it the fourth leading cause of death on Earth.

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Protecting yourself

Detecting pollution and protecting yourself

In the presence of polluted air, the consequences of pollution on your well-being are often felt according to the duration of your exposure and your sensitivity. To help you protect your health and that of your loved ones, we have written a series of articles that we hope will help you anticipate and limit the harmful effects of air pollution.

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Breathing better

Improving air quality

We spend most of our time in enclosed spaces. Often the air we breathe is of poorer quality than the air outside. Depending on the quality of the indoor air, you may have to humidify or dehumidify a room, but also to purify or ventilate it.

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Create your own wellness bubble

A wellness bubble is a cocoon in which you want to escape to spend a moment of relaxation and happiness. Very often, this cocoon is a little parenthesis of bliss allowing you to start off on the right foot. Whether it's during the hot summer days, during the cold winter spells or to recharge your batteries after a hard day: let our advice guide you and embark on nesting!