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Where should I place my air purifier and how should I use it?

An air purifier is an excellent device for filtering the air in your home. Equipped with fans and a set of filters to treat the air, it can improve your health and that of your family. But do you know where to place it and how to use it properly? By following our tips, you can optimise its use and your indoor comfort at the same time.

1. Do not block air circulation

If this is your first time buying an air purifier, you are probably wondering where is the best place to place it? You should know that the location of your air purifier has a big impact on its ability to properly purify indoor air:

  • Most air cleaners have horizontal air inlets and vertical air outlets. Do not block the airflow of the air purifier with objects. Place it at least 15 cm away from curtains or walls for better efficiency.
  • It is essential to place the purifier on a flat surface such as the floor, a bedside table or a table. Whether it has a stand or caster wheels, a flat surface ensures stability and better performance.
  • Try to place the unit in the centre of the room. Do not use your air purifier in a humid area, such as the bathroom. This will moisten the filter fibres and impair the air filtration quality.
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2. Keep doors and windows closed

Air cleaners work best in an enclosed space. Keep windows and doors closed when the air purifier is on. Otherwise, it will take an indefinite time to clean the air in your room. To ensure fresh air, only open the windows occasionally.

3. Leave the purifier on

It is recommended to running your air purifier continuously at reduced speed. Many air cleaners have an automatic mode that regulates the fan speed according to the contamination in the air.

If your air purifier does not have an automatic mode, leave it on at the lowest fan speeds. This way, it will continuously trap airborne particles and odours, without making noise or increasing your energy bills.

4. Maintain filters regularly

If your air purifier has a washable fabric pre-filter, you can put it in your washing machine. A washable mesh prefilter can be cleaned once a month with warm water and liquid detergents if necessary, then dried before being reinstalled. If it is not washable, vacuum it using a soft brush head.

Cleaning your HEPA filters is a little different, so please read our guide : how to clean a HEPA filter?

Heavy dust on the HEPA filter of an air purifier taken out for cleaning

5. Clean the dust collector lens

Some air cleaners have a built-in laser dust sensor that counts particles in the laser beam using an advanced algorithm. Because of its sensitivity, the sensor lens needs to be cleaned regularly, as it gets covered with dust particles and debris. Remember to clean the lens at least once a month to ensure that your air purifier works properly.

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6. Improve ventilation with additional fans

Each air purifier has a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) score to determine the ideal room coverage based on the air exchange desired. However, in practice, this score may suffer some losses.

No matter how strong its airflow, it is difficult for an air purifier to capture all the pollutants in a room. To solve this problem, you can use a booster fan to circulate the air efficiently in the room and thus reduce indoor pollution.

7. Common practices (do's and don'ts)

Here is a list of common do's and don'ts:

  • Before cleaning the purifier or replacing the filter, unplug it from the mains.
  • Avoid placing objects such as books or placemats on top of the unit.
  • Avoid placing the air purifier in a room where explosive, flammable or toxic gases and substances are present. These substances can damage the unit or compromise its performance.
  • Always remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions before using or maintaining your air purifier.