Triggering an alarm on a carbon monoxide detector

What to do in case of a carbon monoxide leak?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an invisible, odourless gas that can only be detected with a carbon monoxide detector. If the alarm on your CO detector is activated, you and your family should immediately open the windows and leave your home. It is important to ventilate quickly, as this will allow the gas to escape and you will be able to return home more quickly when the alarm stops.

What to do when you get home

Remember that carbon monoxide is a deadly gas. This is why, as soon as your alarm stops sounding, your first instinct when you get home is to turn off the gas supply and your boiler if you have one. It is also essential to air your home thoroughly for the next hour to ensure that the air is free of carbon monoxide.

Identifying the carbon monoxide leak is a top priority for your health and that of your family. There can be many reasons for a leak, so please follow the advice given in the instructions for your carbon monoxide detector. We also recommend that you are accompanied by :

  • A qualified technician to check the condition of your boiler,
  • A friend, relative or neighbour, if you are unable to identify the carbon monoxide leak quickly.

Are you or a loved one feeling unwell (headaches, nausea)?

If you or anyone in your household has symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning (nausea, headaches): immediately contact the SAMU telephone number: 15. Once you are in contact with the emergency doctor, make it clear that this is potentially a carbon monoxide poisoning so that he can help you to heal yourself.

SDIS74 | Carbon monoxide: ⚠ CAUTION DANGER