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What is the best wood to burn in my wood stove?

There are different types of wood that can be burned. Classified according to their density, moisture content and calorific value, the choice of wood for your wood stove is very important, as it influences the quality of combustion and whether or not smoke is produced.

The quality of firewood

The wood you use to fuel your wood stove has a direct impact on the quality of the combustion. The wood stove must be fuelled with high quality wood to ensure optimal combustion. High quality wood is dry, hard and dense. It must also be cut into small pieces to ensure complete combustion.

Wood moisture

The wood to be burned in wood-burning stoves must be dry and of good quality to burn efficiently. Its moisture content is measured with a moisture meter and must be less than or equal to 20 % of moisture to be considered dry.

Green wood (freshly cut wood) has a high moisture content and must be dried before burning. This drying can take several months and must be done in a dry, well-ventilated area. This is because, wood containing water is ineffective in wood stoves, as the water must first be vaporised before the wood can burnThis takes a lot of energy, time and considerably reduces the heat produced by the wood. In addition, green wood can cause significant smoke problems, and smoke contains particles that are harmful to health, so it is important to burn only dry wood.

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The density of wood

The density of the wood is an important factor to consider. The denser the wood, the less it needs to be loaded into the stove. This means that you will save money in the long run. In addition, denser wood will burn more slowly and produce less ash. This will ensure that your wood will burn all night long.

The most common dense woods used in wood stoves are oak, beech, ash and birch. All these woods are very dense and slow burning. They are therefore ideal for obtaining a good fire.

The type of wood

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The type of wood you use in your wood stove has a great influence on the efficiency of your stove. Some woods burn more slowly and produce more heat than others. It is therefore important to choose quality wood to maximise the performance of your stove.

The most commonly used firewood is beech wood. It is known for its ability to produce a large amount of heat. It is easy to light and maintain, but is a little more expensive than other types of wood.

Another type of wood that is frequently used is oak. This wood is valued for its ability to generate intense and long-lasting heat. It is easy to light and maintain. However, the cost is particularly high.

Finally, ash wood is considered the best firewood. This wood is known for its ability to produce intense and long-lasting heat. It is also appreciated for being easy to light and maintain.