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Why should you dry out the air in your home?

If you are regularly confronted with damp stains on the walls or floor of your home, the presence of mould or you smell musty odours as soon as you enter your home, then it is obvious that your home is suffering from excess moisture.

Even if you have ventilated your home to the maximum, repaired all leaks and cracks, and kept the gutters clean, you are still dealing with a strong smell of dampness, then we suggest you invest in dehumidifiers to dry out your home and bring the humidity levels down to correct levels.

Protecting your furniture and your home

Wood swells when it absorbs moisture, which can loosen the structure of the wood. The creaking sound when you walk on your floor or the creaking of a wooden door can be caused by high humidity. Once absorbed, moisture weakens the wood and makes it soggy, which encourages rotting. This is a serious threat to the foundations of a wooden house and can also damage your furniture or shorten its life.

High humidity also affects your furniture and metal objects, as metal rusts or tarnishes due to the presence of water vapour in the air. For example, if the air in your bathroom is saturated with water, protect your interior with a bathroom dehumidifier can be an excellent way to dry out the air.

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Limiting the growth of mould and mildew

A damp, cool environment encourages the growth of these troublesome fungi. If the humidity in your home is higher than 50 %, then it is an ideal environment for the growth of mould and fungi. Whether it is in your toiletWhether in a bedroom, cellar or living room, these organisms will quickly invade your home and over time become difficult to remove.

This is a real threat to your health and that of your family, and can cause serious allergic reactions and asthma attacks. If one of your family members suffers from respiratory problems, we can only recommend the purchase of a dehumidifier.

Maintaining comfortable living conditions

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The optimum humidity level is between 30 % and 50 % for comfortable air quality. If the humidity exceeds 50 %, the increase in humidity can make your home uncomfortable, or in extreme cases unhealthy.

Excessive humidity makes you feel heavy, sticky and damp. It is quite uncomfortable and makes the heat almost unbearable, and interferes with breathing and sleeping. Living in a space that is too humid can be bad for your health and that of your family.