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Samsung AX60R5080WD: a powerful and reliable air purifier

The Samsung AX60R5080WD is a modern air purifier especially designed for those who do not want to compromise on quality, efficiency and reliability: easy to maintain and use, quiet and modern, it offers options that should certainly please you.

Our opinion about the Samsung AX60R5080WD

Air filtration




The Samsung AX60R5080WD air purifier is ideal for purifying and improving the air quality of large rooms (60 m²) and offers very good value for money. We can only recommend it if you want a powerful, efficient and quiet device.

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How does the Samsung AX60R5080WD work?

The Samsung AX60R5080WD air purifier is designed for large rooms and can clean up to 467 m³ of air/hour: to give you an idea, in a 30 m² room, the air will be filtered more than 6 times in one hour.

This model promises an advanced filtration system for different sizes of airborne particles, while offering the user several technological innovations, such as WiFi connectivity and compatibility with voice commands (Alexa, Siri, Bixbi, Google Assistant).

Interesting point UV lamp: this device does not use a UV lamp, so there is no risk of ozone emission, which makes it perfectly suitable for babies and asthmatics.

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An efficient air filtration system

The Samsung AX60R5080WD promises to keep your home free of dust, allergens and volatile organic compounds, whatever the season. Thanks to the True HEPA filter, the purifier removes 99.97 % of fine particles down to 0.3 microns (pollen, mould spores, viruses, dust, bacteria) from the filtered air. In addition, thanks to the activated carbon filter, the device is able to remove cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, harmful chemical vapours and volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the atmosphere.

A silent device

In addition to feeling like we were breathing fresher air, we were impressed by the silence and power of the air purifier, even in automatic mode. For those who are more sensitive to noise, you can activate the " Sleep Mode "This function will reduce the airflow and the noise level (20 dB measured at a distance of 1 metre) of the purifier. In addition, once this function is activated, the control panel turns off the screen lightsSo that nothing disturbs your sleep.

Easy maintenance

The Samsung AX60R5080WD is equipped with a True HEPA filter replacement indicator. When the filter is loaded with pollution (5-6 months of operation under normal conditions), the purifier will warn you that it is time to install a new filter. Replacing a filter is easy and you don't need to ask for help from a third party to do it, but you should consider buying them in advance so you can do the replacement quickly.

Intelligent sensors

Samsung AX60R5080WD AirPurifier with 60 m² coverage, white

The Samsung AX60R5080WD air purifier is equipped with an intelligent indoor air quality detection and display system. Dust and gas sensors detect the air quality and the indicator displays the results with a four-colour light.

If the LED strip is blue, the air quality in your home is "good" (which translates into a PM10 level of less than 30, a PM2.5 / PM1.0 level of less than 15 and a gaseous pollution level of 1). When the light is green, the air quality is moderate, and when the light is yellow or red, the air quality in your room is critical, so the fan should be set to a higher speed or automatic mode.

Thanks to the automatic filtering mode, the air purifier adjusts the air ventilation level so that you can breathe clean air again in no time.

Remote control with the SmartThings app

You can control/monitor your air purifier Samsung using a mobile device (phone or tablet) with a Wi-Fi connection and the SmartThings application (available for free on iOS and Android). This will allow you to remotely check the air quality in your home, change the fan speed of the purifier and set a timer or program for start and end times. The app is intuitive and will allow you to easily control your device remotely.

The advantages and disadvantages

Although this air purifier is not the most stylish one we have ever tested, it does a great job of purifying the air. Powerful, efficient and quiet: we have nothing to complain about with this product and can only recommend it to those who want to live in healthy air.