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Teqoya 200: an elegant and discreet ioniser air purifier

The Teqoya 200 is an air purifier and ioniser made in France with the best materials and subjected to numerous laboratory tests. The company producing the Teqoya has been working for almost 15 years with innovative, patented and improved technologies.

Although an ioniser, the Teqoya 200 does not emit ozone and its main advantage is that there are no expensive air filters to replace. All in all, it is a wise choice for those who want to save money in the long run and live in a healthy space.

Our opinion on the Teqoya 200

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Whether it's its design, its compactness or its efficiency, the Teqoya 200 is without a doubt the ideal companion to clean the air in your home. Admittedly, its price seems a bit high at the outset, but if you take into account that you will never have to change air filters, then the Teqoya becomes an affordable and environmentally friendly air purifier.

Small and efficient, light and easy to handle, the Teqoya 200 is a product with a pleasant design, requiring no consumables and with low power consumption. You don't need to set up this device: just plug it in and it will purify the air autonomously and silently. Its only drawback is that it cannot be controlled remotely, but is this really useful?

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How does the Teqoya 200 work?

The Teqoya 200 has nine nozzles capable of emitting a continuous flow of 140,000 negative ions. Just plug it in and you'll discover its benefits: you'll quickly reduce dust and other fine particles, while enjoying a sense of well-being provided by the negative ions released by the device.

These negative ions (also known as anions) are natural depollutants that can be found in large quantities in nature, whether in the forest, near a water source or during a storm. When they come into contact with pollution particles, negative ions attach themselves to them, making them heavier. The more dangerous particles and nanoparticles fall to the ground, preventing you from inhaling them.

The ionic strength of the Teqoya is such that it is very useful for people who want to fight against cigarette smoke and the odours of everyday life (tobacco, cooking, etc.).

TEQOYA | French and eco-responsible air purifier

Installation and area covered

The Teqoya 200 is an effective device for purifying indoor air and eliminating bad odours. Totally silent, this air purifier ioniser covers an area of 30 m². (bedroom, living room, kitchen). Thanks to its small size and light weight, it can easily follow you in each room throughout the day.

Supplied with a tilting stand, you can easily choose the ionisation curve of the device to direct its action towards the desired area.

Finally, the Teqoya 200 has one undeniable quality: unlike other models on the market, it is not only the best: its filters do not need to be changed regularly. It is therefore very easy to install: just plug it in, turn it on and forget about it!