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What size should I choose for my dehumidifier?

Owning or choosing a dehumidifier for your home is an advantage, especially if you suffer from allergies due to mould or germs in the air. If you are thinking of installing a dehumidifier, you should consider the followingr In your home, it is best to determine the size of the appliance that would be most suitable for your home.

In fact, when searching, you will be surprised by the large number of dehumidifiers available on the market, from the smallest to the largest units.

What is the ideal size for my space?

Some people think it is best to choose a large dehumidifier, but this is not always the case. To find the ideal size of dehumidifier, you need to know the size of your room and its relative humidity.

Remember that the primary function of a dehumidifier is to remove moisture from the air, to prevent the growth of mould and mildew. A dehumidifier that is too powerful would be counterproductive, as it would completely dry out the air you breathe.

Determine relative humidity The size of the area to be treated and its surface area is therefore essential, as there are dehumidifiers adapted to each type of space:

  • The smallest electric dehumidifiers are generally intended for rooms of 20 m² and have the capacity to remove an average of 500 to 800 ml of moisture per day.
  • The large units are designed for rooms of 20 to 40 m² and have the capacity to remove 10 to 30 litres of moisture per day.

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What other factors should be considered when choosing a dehumidifier?

In addition to the size of the dehumidifier, the energy factor is another criterion to consider when buying a dehumidifier. The higher the energy factor of the appliance, the more energy-efficient it will be.

If you can, choose a qualified dehumidifier Energy Star. Appliances registered under this label consume much less energy than others and are more economical over time.

Finally, remember that it is best to choose a dehumidifier that fits your room. If your space is small, choose a device that fits your space rather than one that is disproportionately large. A car dehumidifier will do the job perfectly for your vehicle. The smaller your dehumidifier, the less energy it consumes and the greater the savings on your electricity bill.

Any last words of advice?

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In addition to the fact that it is an Energy Star product, you can consider other factors such as the size of your humidifier, its noise level, its energy factor and, of course, its price. Most people think that the more expensive the item, the better it performs. This may be true for some, but not in all cases.

Trust your own judgement and do your research. Read what others have to say about the brand you want and try to read reviews of dehumidifiers from reputable sources. All this information can help you make the right decision.

If you do some serious research, you will certainly find a device that meets your needs and your budget. So start your search online now. You can compare two or three brands and choose the best one.